Holidays in the Netherlands 2024 (public and unofficial), flag days

In this publication we cover the following topic: holidays in the Netherlands 2024. All-Holidays.Info will tell you what holidays are like in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and his possessions. We will also provide the exact dates of the 2024 holidays and flag days.

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What holidays are there in the Netherlands?

All holidays in the Kingdom of the Netherlands can be divided into four types:

  1. Public holidays.
  2. Unofficial holidays.
  3. Public holidays of individual possessions of the Netherlands.
  4. Flag days.

Public holidays in the Netherlands 2024 are celebrated throughout the country. Most of them are also public holidays in the Kingdom’s domains. On these dates, most companies and organizations are closed. Government offices are also closing. Public holidays are published on the website of the Dutch government.

IMPORTANT! Liberation Day is a public holiday. But it does not give the right to a non-working day! Most employment contracts state that employees have the right to leave on this day every 5 years, per year divisible by 5. For example: May 5, 2025, May 5, 2030, May 5, 2035.

Unofficial holidays are associated with religious or local traditions. These include international holidays celebrated by residents of the Netherlands. On unofficial holidays, residents have a normal working day. Sometimes on these dates, celebrations and events are held at the state or local level.

The Netherlands has overseas possessions such as: Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten, the islands of Bonaire, Saba and Sint Eustatius. They have their own public holidays. They also observe most Dutch public holidays.

Flag days are dedicated to significant events or dates. These are regular working days on which all or some government agencies raise the Dutch flag on their buildings.

Holidays in the Netherlands 2024

Below are the holidays in the Netherlands 2024. This list includes national, local and unofficial holidays. For each date, we indicated which of them the holiday belongs to. If a holiday is a public holiday only in certain parts of the Netherlands, we have indicated where it is celebrated.

January 2024

  • January 1 (Monday) 2024 – New Year (public holiday).
  • January 25 (Thursday) 2024 – Betico Cruz Day (public holiday, Aruba).

Who was Betico Cruz?

Betico Cruz was an Aruban political activist and leader of the People’s Electoral Movement (MEP) party. He served as the first Prime Minister of Aruba in 1986 (until his death that same year). Cruz led Aruba’s move to secede from the Netherlands Antilles and become an autonomous constituent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1986. He is considered a national hero of Aruba for his role in bringing the island to autonomy and initiating social reforms during his tenure as prime minister. .

February 2024

  • February 12 (Monday) 2024 – Carnival (public holiday, Bonaire, Curacao, Aruba).
  • February 13 (Tuesday) 2024 – Tuesday of Holy Week (unofficial holiday).
  • February 14 (Wednesday) 2024 – Ash Wednesday (unofficial holiday).
  • February 14 (Wednesday) 2024 – Valentine’s Day (unofficial holiday).

March 2024

  • March 29 (Friday) 2024 – Good Friday (public holiday).
  • March 31 (Sunday) 2024 – Easter Sunday (public holiday).

April 2024

  • April 1 (Monday) 2024 – Easter Monday (public holiday).
  • April 27 (Saturday) 2024 – King’s Day (public holiday).
  • April 30 (Tuesday) 2024 – Queen’s Day (unofficial holiday).
  • April 30 (Tuesday) 2024 – Rincon City Day (public holiday, Bonaire).
  • April 30 (Tuesday) 2024 – Carnival (public holiday, Sint Maarten).

May 2024

  • May 4 (Saturday) 2024 – National Remembrance Day (unofficial holiday).
  • May 5 (Sunday) 2024 – Liberation Day (public holiday).
  • May 9 (Thursday) 2024 – Ascension of Christ (public holiday).
  • May 12 (Sunday) 2024 – Mother’s Day (unofficial holiday).
  • May 19 (Sunday) 2024 – Pentecost (public holiday).
  • May 20 (Monday) 2024 – Pentecost Monday (public holiday).

June 2024

  • June 16 (Sunday) 2024 – Father’s Day (unofficial holiday).

July 2024

  • July 1 (Monday) 2024 – Keti-koti (unofficial holiday).
  • July 1 (Monday) 2024 – Emancipation Day (public holiday, Sint Eustatius, Sint Maarten).
  • July 2 (Tuesday) 2024 – National Flag and Anthem Day of Curacao (public holiday, Curacao).
  • July 11 (Thursday) 2024 – Flemish public holiday (unofficial holiday).
  • July 29 (Monday) 2024 – Carnival Monday (public holiday, Saba).


Keti-Koti (meaning “Broken Chains”) is celebrated in the Netherlands to commemorate the abolition of slavery in their colonies in 1863. The holiday originated in the former colony of Suriname and then spread to the Netherlands through the Surinamese community. Today, Keti-Koti includes large and small holidays throughout the country and its possessions. The celebration features concerts, festivals, ceremonies, lectures and other events celebrating black culture and history.

August 2024

  • October 2 (Wednesday) 2024 – Help Groningen (unofficial holiday).

What is celebrated on Groningen Aid Day?

Aid Groningen is an annual historical celebration held in the city of Groningen in the Netherlands. Celebrated since 1876, it marks the end of a two-month siege that left Groningen residents starving to death. On August 28, 1672, Dutch troops managed to push back German troops in a decisive battle.

September 2024

  • September 6 (Friday) 2024 – Bonaire Flag Day (public holiday, Bonaire).
  • September 17 (Tuesday) 2024 – Prince’s Day (unofficial holiday).

October 2024

  • October 9 (Wednesday) 2024 – Constitution Day (public holiday, Sint Maarten).
  • October 10 (Thursday) 2024 – Curacao Day (public holiday, Curacao).

November 2024

  • November 11 (Monday) 2024 – Saint Martin (unofficial holiday).
  • November 11 (Monday) 2024 – Sint Maarten Day (public holiday, Sint Maarten).
  • November 16 (Saturday) 2024 – Statia Day / St. Eustatius Flag Day (public holiday, St. Eustatius).

December 2024

  • December 5 (Thursday) 2024 – St. Nicholas Eve (unofficial holiday).
  • December 6 (Friday) 2024 – St. Nicholas (unofficial holiday).
  • December 6 (Friday) 2024 – Saba Flag Day (public holiday, Saba).
  • December 24 (Tuesday) 2024 – Christmas Eve (unofficial holiday).
  • December 25 (Wednesday) 2024 – First Day of Christmas (public holiday).
  • December 26 (Thursday) 2024 – Second Day of Christmas (public holiday).
  • December 31 (Tuesday) 2024 – New Year’s Eve (unofficial holiday).

Flag Days in the Netherlands 2024

Below are flag days in the Netherlands 2024. On these dates, flags are raised on government buildings. On some flag days this does not apply to all buildings. Below is a list of government buildings where the flag of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is always flown:

  1. Main buildings of ministries (buildings where ministers and secretaries of state work).
  2. Senate and House of Representatives.
  3. State Council.
  4. Accounts Chamber.
  5. National Ombudsman.
  6. Royal office.
  7. Supreme Court of the Netherlands.

Dates for flag days in the Netherlands in 2024:

  • January 31 (Wednesday) 2024 – Princess Beatrix’s birthday (government buildings from the list).
  • April 27 (Saturday) 2024 – King’s Day: King Willem-Alexander’s birthday. (all government buildings).
  • May 4 (Saturday) 2024 – Remembrance Day: flag at half-mast from 18:00 until sunset. (all government buildings).
  • May 5 (Sunday) 2024 – Liberation Day (all government buildings).
  • May 17 (Friday) 2024 – Birthday of Queen Maxima (government buildings from the list).
  • June 29 (Saturday) 2024 – Veterans Day (all government buildings).
  • August 15 (Thursday) 2024 – Official end of World War II (all government buildings).
  • 17 September (Tuesday) 2024 – Budget Day (The Hague only) (all government buildings).
  • December 7 (Saturday) 2024 – Birthday of Princess Catharina-Amalia (government buildings from the list).
  • December 15 (Sunday) 2024 – Kingdom Day (government buildings from the list).

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