School holidays in Croatia 2023-2024 (official dates)

The topic of this publication is: school holidays in Croatia 2023-2024. In it we will give the dates of the beginning and end of the summer, autumn, winter spring vacation periods. All-Holidays.Info will also tell you about additional holidays for schoolchildren in Croatia in the 2023/2024 academic year.

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School holidays in Croatia 2023-2024

In Croatia there are five rest periods for schoolchildren and four types of holidays. Winter school holidays are divided into two parts. The first part falls on December-January, the second part will be in February. School year end dates are the same for all except students who:

  1. Taking an exam at school.
  2. Do coursework.
  3. Undergo professional practice.
  4. Pass the entrance exam.
  5. They study according to the program, which consists mostly of practical exercises and exercises.

The start and end dates of the vacation periods are determined by the Decision of the Ministry of Science and Education of April 17, 2023. School holidays in Croatia 2023-2024:

  • Summer holidays 2023: from June 24 (Saturday) to September 3 (Sunday) 2023.
  • Autumn holidays: from October 30 (Monday) to November 1 (Wednesday) 2023.
  • Winter holidays (first part): from December 27 (Wednesday) 2023 to January 5 (Friday) 2024.
  • Winter holidays (second part): from February 19 (Monday) to February 23 (Friday) 2024.
  • Spring break: from March 28 (Thursday) to April 5, 2024 (Friday).
  • Summer holidays 2024: from June 24 (Monday) 2024.

IMPORTANT! Graduation students finish classes 1 month earlier. Their last day of school is Friday, May 24, 2024 .

Free from school days on public holidays in the 2023-2024 academic year

In addition to school holidays, children in Croatia take a break from school on public holidays. There are 12 public holidays during the academic year. But some of them fall on weekends or school holidays, so we don’t list them. In 2023-2024 there will be 4 extra days off for schoolchildren in Croatia:

  • December 25 (Monday) 2023 – Christmas.
  • December 26 (Tuesday) 2023 – Saint Stephen.
  • May 1 (Wednesday) 2024 – Labor Day.
  • May 30 (Thursday) 2024 – Statehood Day and the Body of Christ.

Additional holidays for religious holidays in the 2023-2024 academic year

In Croatia, schoolchildren are entitled to an additional day off for some religious holidays:

  • May 6, 2024 (Monday) is a day off for Christians who celebrate Easter according to the Julian calendar (Orthodox, Greek Catholics, some Protestants, etc.).
  • One day each for the celebration of Ramadan Bayram and Eid al-Adha for Muslims (at their choice).
  • One day each for Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah for the Jews (of their choice).

Note! Christians who celebrate Christmas according to the Julian calendar are released from school on January 7th. But this day in 2024 is Sunday, so we didn’t list it.

Croatian school holidays calendar

School holidays in Croatia 2023-2024.  Calendar.
School holidays in Croatia 2023-2024. Designations: green – school holidays, red – non-school days on public holidays.

In this publication, All-Holidays.Info told about the school holidays in Croatia 2023-2024. We have also provided a list of additional days off for Croatian schoolchildren on public and religious holidays. We hope you have found the information you are interested in. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends!