School holidays in Poland 2023: exact dates

The topic of this publication is school holidays in Poland 2023. We will give the exact start and end dates for winter, spring, summer and Christmas holidays. You will find out in which cases the administration of the educational institution can introduce additional days of rest. At the end of the article, All-Holidays.Info provided a list of useful links and a calendar of school holidays and holidays in the 2023 school year.

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School holidays in Poland 2023

Polish schoolchildren have four vacation periods throughout the year. These are winter, spring (Easter), summer and Christmas holidays. Their deadlines are set by the Decree of the Minister of Public Education of August 11, 2017 (link to it below in the article).

The start and end dates of spring, summer and Christmas holidays are the same for all schools. The dates of the winter holidays depend on the voivodeship in which the educational institution is located. Up-to-date information about school holidays in Poland 2023:

  • Winter holidays 2023 (Lublin, Lodz, Subcarpathian, Pomeranian, Silesian voivodeships): from 16 to 29 January;
  • Winter holidays 2023 (Podlaskie, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeships): from January 23 to February 5;
  • Winter holidays 2023 (Lower Silesian, Mazowieckie, Opole, West Pomeranian Voivodeships): from January 30 to February 12;
  • Spring break (Easter holidays): from 6 to 11 April 2023;
  • Summer holidays: from June 24 to September 3, 2023;
  • Christmas holidays (winter break): from 23 to 31 December 2023.

Extra days off for Polish schoolchildren in 2023

In Polish schools, the administration may appoint additional days free from study. Principals of educational institutions can set up to 8 days off in:

  1. Elementary schools;
  2. Vocational schools;
  3. Institutions of higher education;
  4. Practical training institutions;
  5. Technical schools.

The Principal may grant up to 10 additional rest days for students in:

  1. General secondary schools;
  2. Secondary special schools;
  3. Complementary secondary schools;
  4. Technical schools;
  5. Additional technical schools.

Regardless of the type of school, the administration may provide additional rest days. Holidays can be organized in four cases:

  1. On days of religious holidays that are not public;
  2. On the days of examinations and tests;
  3. On any day, if it is justified by the organization of the school;
  4. On any days when it is related to the needs of the local community.

Holidays when schools are closed

In addition to vacations and extra days off, schoolchildren have a rest on public holidays. In the 2023 school year, schoolchildren in Poland have six such days off. Here are the holidays when students have no classes!

  • January 1, 2023 – New Year;
  • January 6, 2023 – Three Kings;
  • May 1, 2023 – Labor Day;
  • May 3, 2023 – Constitution Day;
  • June 8, 2023 – Corpus Christi;
  • November 1, 2023 – All Saints Day.

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School holidays calendar in Poland 2023

School holidays in Poland 2023. Calendar.
School holidays in Poland 2023. Symbols: green – spring, summer and Christmas school holidays, yellow – winter holidays (date range for all voivodships), red – public holidays.

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